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March 2018

β€” Is that CSS not the CSS required to draw a heart?


I think they draw heart using html element transforms on the left, so she said it's "fake content" and put red marker.. i thought about her dress and fixed that🀀

β€” She compares drawing with css and drawing with svg

β€” I saw

β€” Did she say it was fake content?

β€” I didn't see that part

β€” What is special about her dress ?

β€” He thinks it looks like a typical Islamic dress, and is therefore referencing the "all muslims explode" meme

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β€” What the heck ? there is more than 1.5 billion muslims are they all terrorists? also I think that imuji is not an expression for explosion

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β€” It's a meme dude

β€” A joke

β€” Typical 'beliver'.. btw, she is wrong.