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March 2018

— You can view all file content on a single page (no scrolling), move cursor, open/close, etc


Anyone cate explaining reacts state and props concepts... am really confused on how stateles components work...

— Also a little example on how the animation works would help

— *care

— Stateless (as i interpret it) is when "whatever" object/component/function is called manually by you, somewhere, outside of the scope of this object/component/..

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— ...em. wrong🤤 it's more about data. you have to change data yourself, object doesnt hold/control it's data/parameters

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— So this they call "component with state", they only defined this.state property

— Http://

— Https://

— We do it at work

— Hey guys does anyone know how to use the Riot.js framework

— I just got the cli through npm