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March 2018

— Jesus crist! (actually im not beliver)


Well, the inner function used by map needs to be async, and thus map needs to be Promise.all'd and awaited in the outer function

— Generator functions :P

— Totaly new to me


async () => {
results = await Promise.all( item =>
await boop(...)))

— They are super useful if you need to iterate over large data

— Guys you know too much, better drop ballast😅

— Well, read the description.. seem to be kind of subculture (rare use) to me..

— Well, it's basically lazy lists that interop with for..of

— Anyway part of this functionality may be accessible without generator-refregirator at all. we can lock scope once and be ok.

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— What you mean by "lazy list"?

— Infinite lists for instance