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March 2018

— EMIT strictly forbids relicensing in that vein and GPL strictly requires it, so there is a stalemate.... IMO this new license only exists to facilitate this restriction and say "fuck you" to their FOSS contributors

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It makes sense really, when you see them forking GPL projects illegally, get caught, then re-open what is essentially the same repo under a license that forbids GPL forks... comedy...?

— Kek

— To be fair GPL is a pain in the ass anyways

— Yes, and now that I saw the license, I'm considering relicensing all my projects to EMIT XD

— Hey man DonMcCoy

— Welcome to the party 🎉

— #ask how to make realtime search with lodash..
case: i typing lettter name of city then show list of relevant the cities

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— Hi mate, thx

— Up



— Ok, i will try