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March 2018

— They instead came up with their own proprietary version of the MIT license and a new repo using it... pretty sure they're just ripping code still

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Funny thing is all code they have engineered for that fork is still legally breaching GPL, since the contributions were already made under that license

— So they either are writing new code (based on their tweets VS their actions, I'd say this happens when hell freezes over) or ripping the existing code

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— Wix's philosophy: who's gonna call us out? We have deep pockets.

— Their "new" MIT license says this:
"This license is exactly like the MIT License, with one exception – Any distribution of this source code or any modification thereof in source code format, must be done under the Enhanced MIT license and not under any other licenses, such as GPL."

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— They refer to GPL as being "viral copyleft"

— AKA a big middle finger

— Link to this repo?

— Https://

— Ah this is open now?

— Viral means original permissions must be preserved in derivatives

— This was the infringing component originally