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March 2018

— I always thought Wix was trash tbh


Only saying that since I was interested in it a few years ago and took a little walk through their source code in various places

— Cringe factor 11

— Lmao I was searching something related and found this gem:
"10 Reasons Why Migrate from Wix to WordPress"
which is like saying
"10 Reasons Why Migrate from horse shit to bull shit"

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— Did you find their stolen WordPress GPL code?

— AFAIK they removed it

— Wix was originally wixpress or something and part of their application used WordPress code without being GPL. Matt posted a blog post that he's not gonna sue but it's a bad thing to do

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— They halted dev work on the GPL repos XD

— They instead came up with their own proprietary version of the MIT license and a new repo using it... pretty sure they're just ripping code still

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— Funny thing is all code they have engineered for that fork is still legally breaching GPL, since the contributions were already made under that license

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— So they either are writing new code (based on their tweets VS their actions, I'd say this happens when hell freezes over) or ripping the existing code

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— Wix's philosophy: who's gonna call us out? We have deep pockets.