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February 2018

— Why you want to learn js framework ?


Btw I am learning js from kyle Simpsons you don't know js everything is clear to me except async programing part and as far as I know async programing is related to server side programing as I was learning Python I learner about multithreading and multiprocessing and bit of async stuff which went above my head so assuming async part in js is used for server side only right?

— Async is not just related to serverside

— Or I am gon see promises and generator stuff in frontend too?

— Without asynchronous execution, everything that happens in JavaScript will completely freeze the page until it's done

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— You will

— JavaScript is asynchronous in nature

— Heard frameworks make life easier xD

— No issue I will have to spend bit more time understanding those concepts then

— Thank you guys ❤️❤️❤️

— React is more popular in enterprise . and vue is popular in startups . I think

— It is simple . if you will make action need outside resource you will need async operation