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February 2018

— Using shared state is usually really bad unless you do it correctly


You might say setting some value of an object on the fly and expecting different behavior is technically a side effect

— What's wrong with just doing this?

bfs(obj, null, blacklist)

— With the null replacing whitelist for when you only want to use blacklist

— TRGWII ^ ?
I feel like having to put null to only use the blacklist is the most easy of all these ideas

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— Well, yeah, it might be

— But it's sort of ugly and PHP-ish too

— It's the easiest, but is it the best?

— I think it is the least expensive solution

— The only other thing would be to expose state via curried environment monads

— Ask. How to set and get session?

— Which is great for shared state, as you are using pure functions