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February 2018

— I think making a class usable with the

keyword is more or less the same route


You already sort of have to do this with the search iterations when using them directly instead of a strategy

— They are instantiated as generators, with some important arguments being fed into them via the

object after initialization

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— Ie

const myGen = dfs(myObj);
var state =;
state.arguments.thing = 123;
state.tuple.extraObj = myObj2;

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— And yes, anything added to state.tuple is automatically traversed in parallel

— If state.tuple.otherObj matches the structure of, then you can safely assume state.tuple.otherObj[state.accessor] exists. If not, it drops objects from the tuple since it can’t figure out how to sync them up for that particular part of the graph structure

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— So with that in mind, the userspace code could also do dependency injection this way, including whitelist and blacklist, using custom properties

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— It's just all so much more code for just 1 more parameter though

— The problem with feature detection is that you can't know if the root properties like whitelist are part of the search index or not...

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— So it would be a required root property, no assumptions allowed

— And yeah I totally stress out over these interfaces lol

— Very optimistic coding style🤤