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February 2018

— It was about 3am, I wasn't paying attention, and I wasn't caring until it started bugging me later. I was looking at reference material and just went along with it.

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Now I just have a parsing issue, I'm trying to figure it out, I can't get anywhere until I get rid of it.

— Does this look like it would come back null? apologies for the spam

— What variable exactly?

— Canvas. OR ctx. It doesn't think it exists.

— For reference on the script

— And how it looks in the document

— I think making a class usable with the

keyword is more or less the same route

— You already sort of have to do this with the search iterations when using them directly instead of a strategy

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— They are instantiated as generators, with some important arguments being fed into them via the

object after initialization

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— Ie

const myGen = dfs(myObj);
var state =;
state.arguments.thing = 123;
state.tuple.extraObj = myObj2;

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— And yes, anything added to state.tuple is automatically traversed in parallel