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February 2018

— I want to make an algorithm what works with paths though


There are already a few which do certain things with them, and filter uses them internally to do a post-traversal reconstruction

— But if I made a few that accept paths as arguments, then a search index could also be made of an array of string paths

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— Uhmm, array of arrays would be better


[ 'foo', 'bar', 'prop.with.dots' ]

— That's what they are

— Ahh

— I can re-use how filter reconstructs objects to parse paths into search indexes, something like this

const paths = d.paths({hello: ["friend", "grandma"]});
// parse paths into search index
const search = {};
paths.forEach(function (path, acc) {
var loc = search;
path.forEach(function (prop, acc) {
if (!prop in loc) loc[prop] = acc < path.length ? {} : null;
loc = loc[prop];

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— const paths = paths(...) ? :^)

— Returns an array of arrays of paths

— Oh whoops

— Check out done module of the strategy

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