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February 2018

— I dont know level deep, it can be random


If you want to write your own instead of using a diff, there is a basic search iterator that also takes a search index

— That doesn't matter


for(const state of bfs(myObject, myIndex)) {
// Do stuff with state.value, etc...

— Hey guys, you heart my feelings, im a code marauder and you give me usage instructions😅

— Uhmm

— We ❤️ your feelings?

— I know, there are more states beside hate/love🤤

— I think your question is a bit too broad

— We would have to need to know the structure of your objects to know what you actually want

— Actually, i was thinking about visual object state backup/restore, this object is a widget 'accordion' with panels inside. I clone initial data structure (object) and then user interact with it, some new properties are created in there, but they are needless/temporary.. that's the story

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— Right, but we need the structure