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February 2018

— No


My next project is creating a node.js little guy that reads from a mongodb, sets some redis keys deduced from mongo's data and then calls varnish for some cache cleanup. This will happen every (hour?) and it would be great if I could trigger this action by some api or shit

— Any idea on how structure my code properly?

— Start writing it first, then the problems with your code will be visible to you

— And then you can fix them from there

— Any advice on this trigger?

— Many ways

— If you trigger from API, you can just spin up HTTP from node

— Four hourly triggers, you can use cron / Task Scheduler in your system, OR you can keep node running and use

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— For the cron system I already choose for

— Ahh, alright

— So basic structure:

mainProcedure() {

api.on('trigger', mainProcedure)


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