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February 2018

— Pumping it through


Woaa.. That sounds awesome.. I need learn these things deeper.. Do you have any recommendations for reading materials?

— Https:// is a must

— Also the book Node.js Design Patterns

— Also ^

— (For general language stuff, also some node stuff there)

— Streams aren't that difficult, and since you're already familiar with another programming language, the node docs should be pretty readable for you

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— Yea.. I have developed a few apps with node for the past year as practice since am still a university student, but I don't have that 1st hand experience with real data and such stuff.. It's just doing simple classroom projects and having say 10 or 20 records in the dB.. So topics like streaming of data sounds new

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— Heh, why don't you just generate some fake data?

— Get some simple SQL instance up and running, fill it with a few million rows, try to make a website to display and edit all of it

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— Yea.. Now that I know know what I don't knw, I must generate at least 1 m records and then play around with them

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— Nice