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February 2018

— Yep


I've made quite a few performant big services for my workplace, I haven't yet needed to use any structure that isn't already in the language

— Are arrays really that powerful? In java they had to create arraylist to overcome some of the limitations with arrays.. Don't we need arraylist in js?

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— What are the limitations in Java?

— Mh.. Mind sharing some of these services?

— I'm planning to open source one of them when it is ready

— It's an sql cache thing that also abstracts away the sql language, and let's you query with http+json

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— Mainly used because we have a slow-ass legacy MS SQL server at work

— So I have to throttle and cache DB requests

— Arrays have fixed length at the time of creation and cannot grow in length to accommodate new items past its size.. Arraylist can grow dynamically

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— Also deleting an element in the middle of the array means shifting all the other items forward to fill the gap.. Doing many creation and deletions on large data sets can be detrimental to performance.. Linked lists on the other hand don't suffer this problem

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— Before initial release:
1. Use prepared statements everywhere I can, and implement proper escaping where prepared statements are impossible
2. Support multiple DB backends

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