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February 2018

— Also.... why linked lists?


Mh.. Will look into it.. Just scheming through a book about data structures in Javascript and I see the author implementing everything himself... Found it tidious that every developer who wants to uses data structures in js has to implement them on their own..

— They really don't

— First figure out your use-cases and your needs

— Then use what you need

— I think they called be used to implement backwards and forward buttons in a file manager application

— Most likely, you won't need this

— Even in node?

— Why not just an array and a variable containing the current index?

— Yep

— I've made quite a few performant big services for my workplace, I haven't yet needed to use any structure that isn't already in the language

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— Are arrays really that powerful? In java they had to create arraylist to overcome some of the limitations with arrays.. Don't we need arraylist in js?

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