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January 2018

— Its like realtimeboard?


Anybody can help me with my project? I am trying to make a alphabet site A to Z for kids and I want to show just one letter at a time and each letter has pictures and words starting with that letter. On the screen just one letter with explanation.

— Any difficulties with that? it could be somekind of page-slider:

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— I wanted it look like this

— 👍

— Guys I need little help

— Function theBeatlesPlay([Beatles, Agulero, Michael Jackson], [Guitar, Musical, Piano, Fortopiano]){
var arr = [""];
for(var i = 0; i <= arr.length; i++){

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— How can i get from function arrays Beatles plays Guitar

— Https://

— What were you thinking here?

— I need to get Beatles from first array and Guitar from second array and put them together in one sentence as string

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— Syntax error)