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January 2018

— Yes but you can do more with it in Python, There's a reason they use it more.


Sure, more tooling available, but there's nothing wrong with using anything else over Python. It's "ok" to build neural networks on JS.

— Is .env file still the best practice to save environment configuration? Even with a js stack? (express and so on)

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— I like the idea of config.js

— But in general, there is no best practice for JS yet

— Ok

— I am looking for a clean method for storing db passwords and shit without pushing it to git

— Local Password Database

— I recommend KeePassX

— * Needs a master password (Never share, write down, or otherwise compromise this, this should exist ONLY in your head, and when you type it to unlock the database)

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— * Database file will be only a few kilobytes, safe to transfer and store anywhere you please (Generally a bad idea to store it publicly though, use some file backup service (Dropbox, Telegram, etc)

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— I have a web with landing page on, spa web app on and another spa web app on

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