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January 2018

— If you detect type unsafe code after a test, it is a programmer error 99% of the time


Yeah but what if that kind of code is already in use and the org doesn't see the point in changing something that works for most cases

— Then you aren't going to refactor it, obviously

— Businesses don't normally pay to upgrade software like that if it works

— Yeah that's the thing

— "Most statically typed languages provide a degree of type safety that is strictly stronger than memory safety, because their type systems enforce the proper use of abstract data types defined by programmers even when this is not strictly necessary for memory safety or for the prevention of any kind of catastrophic failure."

IMO an error, or a bug

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— You can write your code without inserting any type definitions

— So that implies that every type unsafe code has some undiscovered​ bug or error ??

— Just because it is type unsafe

— I get that but then it depends upon the programmer to keep track of all that, type definition makes that simpler

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— It may not cause an error at runtime, that's not what I meant, rather it is an error in the matching of interfaces by the developer

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— Okay