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January 2018

— Every data structure you add in any area can affect type safety in some way


The idea that it could somehow slowdown dev, just as being a minor property of the source code you'd write anyways, is not really valid

— Give an example where type system is useful and no user input

— Compile time type checking

— User input validation is not exactly type safety

— Type safe code is just not able to perform actions on an objects which would not work on the object

— It literally could not do so because of the way the code would have to be designed, it's not run-time type checking

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— Iterators are a great example of type safety in practice, because they standardize a data structure's serialization, meaning the code which prefers to rely on iterators is "more" type safe

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— People at my workplace say that adding something i.e type safety to current workflow and adopting to that will slow it down

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— And in a way it is thinking over something that i rather not have without considering type safety so there is some cost of time

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— Now how much it would be and the will benifits outweigh the cost that i don't know yet

— Where is the time cost?