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January 2018

— Yeah true that so many different opinions


From what i have seen so far it seems everyone is trying to fix the language with their solution and claim that their solution is superior but no one knows for sure

— And that makes it more difficult for people just getting started with it like me, on what direction to follow and rather be misguided

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— The concepts of programming are language-agnostic

— There is no one design pattern to rule them all, you learn patterns and then apply them where you see fit for your project

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— You should take everyone's advice with a few grains of salt, regardless of whether it's JS or any other language

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— Don't be careful though, in fact try everything you have the time to try, and you'll eventually start to figure out what your own best direction is

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— As a great example (I think it's great since webdevs constantly argue over these) is application patterns like MVC... I started just like you not knowing what was best, so I tried MVC and hated it, then moved on to MVP, then MVVM, then Flux. It took me all those tries to figure out what pattern best suited me

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— Yeah i think that's the best way to go not knowing which one is best will make me explore them and learn more

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— And true it applies to every language its just

— Sometimes become too overwhelming

— I've been there, oh man