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January 2018

— Serverside has lead to ring 0 kernel level remote code execution


Any code that doesn't implement type safety in some form is generally vulnerable to attack over a much larger attack surface

— Other than that, it can help with debugging

— Yeah that makes sense

— Also some have said that writing type safe code helps you understand your code better

— Yeah, it does, as you set up expectations for all the data you're working with, which helps you construct a solid data model specification

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— JS is one of those languages that collects a gigantic amount of opinions, but it's because there isn't anything in the language that prevents what most system engineers consider treason :P

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— So instead of the language helping you to write better code, it just sits back like "lol whatever floats your boat dude", and instead you just get random advice from people in chatrooms who think they kno de wey

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— Yeah true that so many different opinions

— From what i have seen so far it seems everyone is trying to fix the language with their solution and claim that their solution is superior but no one knows for sure

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— And that makes it more difficult for people just getting started with it like me, on what direction to follow and rather be misguided

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— The concepts of programming are language-agnostic