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January 2018

— There is no "next day"


Your browser runs the code to load an image and then makes a request to your app server, browser auto-sends a cookie to your app server, and suddenly now your app server is doing whatever is described in the img tag's query string


<img src="" width="0" height="0" border="0">

example from that page

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— That is the whole attack right there, nothing more

— There are a lot more ways to do CSRF but that's the easiest

— It will work if this ?a=1&b=2 is how the site works, it could be form request or js request

— img only works for GET requests, yes

— The other attack methods can use other HTTP verbs

— There are tools that make the neccesary code to do this

— Https://

— It feels strange that I can't find any working example of this strategy

— With express + passport for example