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January 2018

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Yo guys, i have express running and i am looking for something on top of it for creating solid api (with auth also), what to do?

— Why do you need something on top of it?

— Because i don't want to reinvent the wheel? How about jwt?

— It's not alot of code either way

— Well if I can rely on a production ready plugin, why not?


// require auth for all pages:
app.use((req, res, next) =>
db.authed(req.token).then(isAuthed =>
? next()
: res.json(authNeededError)));

// Single path:
app.get('/user/:id', (req, res) =>
db.user( =>
? res.json(user)
: res.json(missingUserError)));

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— Just remember DRY principles, and you'll write very little

— Well there are standards for that token.. Having something that layers this thing for you may be useful. My objective is build a complete frontend app (vuejs) that relies only on stateless API endpoints (even the login). Is that login into token the right way?

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— Yes, you can use jwt for stateless login

— But you'll need to store users themselves

— So that'll obviously be stateful