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January 2018

β€” Like extreact from sencha


Dont know... hmm, "extreact from sencha" has some good things, probably marauder some stuff🀀 from it.

β€” Telerik is good

β€” Test

β€” Toast

β€” Debugging mode activated

β€” I have theoretical question about spa specially vuejs. can i use "normal" frontend for landing page and spa for everything inside of it?

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β€” Am forgot to send my message

β€” Got the answer, i can just technically create 2 app and use subdomain for the spa. ssr for the landing and spa in subdomain

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β€” Https://

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β€” "People love pretty coloursβ€Šβ€”β€Šit’s what separates us from dogs" 🀀 looser. scriptkid

β€” Https://