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January 2018

— Might not be available with the API by itself, so you would have to make or add your own system for that

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But that doesn’t guarantee the user who received the email is the actual user who requested the validation

— Otherwise, you have to look out for server responses in the inbox of the sending account

— Nothing does- email sucks for this

— Sending, and making sure the sender is legit, there is systems in place for though

— Only link to login does

— Why not... display an auth code when they request it, then have them click the link in the email and enter the code

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— Yeah, that'd work

— I know but a link is the better option. I hate the trackers practice. They usually not care about if the user requested to not be tracked. Lmao. Well, this can be done with a better email client.

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— It doesn't sound like you need a tracker

— Or well, the person who asked haha

— The best way IMO is to look for server response emails