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January 2018

— I think the only thing you can do to validate an email before you send and actual email is to validate the “correctness” of the email. With like regex or similar.

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The npm package isjs have an email regex validator. If you only use that maybe you can search the source code and copy that function only.

— But if you want to know if an email was delivered, dropped or flagged as spam, SendGrid have some awesome insights. I’m unaware if other services do something similar.

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— Actually, the protocols support asking the mailserver

— So you can with reasonable accuracy do it

— But the question is; why not just send an email?

— ^

— Sendgrid is free ?

— No; it has a free month limit, but in production it will not enough. So it’s not free.

— If i send thru gmail, can we know the result ?

— I think not. But I’m not actually sure.

— If you are gonna use the Google GMail API you have to know that is very limited for a normal gmail account. And you have to pay a GSuit account if your plans include to launch something to production.
It’s not the approach I would choose.
The other thing you can do to validate an email and check if the recipient is the actual user is to actually send a email with a link and a message with the reason of the link, advertising that if he/she didn’t request that link is better not to open.

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