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December 2017

— Is it possible to deobfuscate jsfuck code?


I think so, but if you use variable names like just a and it's a lot of code you will have a hard time understanding it

— Ok

— Have you heard of movfuscator?

— It compiles C to only mov instructions

— Because mov itself is Turing complete

— Some other instructions as well

— Most yes, through static and dynamic analysis

— What that can't figure out, humans usually can

— I really don think so... html is only about tags ,properties and attributes.Just put the script tag and javascript will handle anything like testing conditions and changing the elements on the page

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— Hello , so I want to convert my mithril website to a wordpress theme ,kindly assist me on how I can insert the php function in my website to make a theme. I am using webpack to load a file bin/app.js to the browser while using bootstrap in my css

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— Happy new year folks 😊😊