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December 2017

— Hey guys can anyone teach me how to send email notification to a user using nodemailer


I don't know it, but this is what I've found

— Thank you

— Anyone can give me a free ebook to learn reactjs, or angularJS?

— Plain HTML is logic less markup language, you can't use ternary operator in it.
You might want to have a look at some templating engine supporting it

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— Yes in a <script> block

— Guys what do you think about obfuscating js code?

— Don't do such shady stuff.

— Doesn't have to be shady, if you make some browser game for example and want to prevent cheating

— Use JSfuck to obfuscate lmao

— Is it possible to deobfuscate jsfuck code?

— I think so, but if you use variable names like just a and it's a lot of code you will have a hard time understanding it

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