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December 2017

— But I don't want to create new functions on each kernel instance


Hm, why does this not work well?

(acc, name) =>
acc[name] = tests[name].bind(this),

— Gets me a weird result


var t = new testClass();
ƒ () {

— Welp it's frustrating to see reduce not work, haha

— Went with this instead of reduce:

name =>
this.boundTests[name] = tests[name].bind(this)

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— I was missing rest operator somewhere but at that point forEach is simpler

— Heh, that would work, if I used singletons in the Kernel

— This works pretty well


for (var name in this.prototype.SCP) {
this.SCP[name] = this.prototype.SCP[name].bind(this);

— Ayy

— Made a little utility function that does it for me