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December 2017

— Do you guys have suggestions rpc framework for js/node ?


Hello, I have a question, I want to access a specific part of my array to map the properties I want, however it tells me that[546] is undefined

How could I fix it?

notFound =[546].map(d => ({nom_ent: d.nom_ent, museo_nombre: d.museo_nombre, nom_mun: d.nom_mun }) );

— You should apply map only on an array not directly on element of array.

— From mozilla :
The map() method creates a new array with the results of calling a provided function on every element in the calling array.

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— Check if[546] exists first

— Yeah, the thing is, I'm cycling all the elements of my array of objects and I want to store specific values into my array if a certain condition happens.

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— But now I'm thinking I could've just pushed them into an array of objects

var arr=[{}];

I think it could work.

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— Yeah, it does. :)

— If it did you wouldn't get the error

— Check if it exists in your code I mean

— Is there a more simple solution to this? Use case involves 2 functions, both accept any args (using rest operator) but one has to call the other func...

function someFunc(...args) {
// do something
function myFunc(...args) {
someFunc.apply(thisarg, args);

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— I get I can use rest operator again instead of apply too, but apply actually is needed here