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December 2017

— Thanks hope it will help


90% of new users in a Linux group I know, also:
4. Main OS is kali, clueless about general linux usage

— Can i use it to make normal applications

— I want to kill myself

— What does "normal" mean to you?

— Desktop applications? Yes

— Discord is a JavaScript Desktop application, if you know / use that

— Somebody live in London and he/she is Spanish ?

— Hello guys! I want to add this notification to my app. I want a scenario where I want my users to get email notifications each time I update my blog. Please how do I go about it using nodemailer?

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on new post:
loop over users:
-> get
-> send email

— Independent app not a webbased app........

— Won't this take a longer time if you have like 10000 members.