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December 2017

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Want to learn JavaScript and conquer the world? Start here:

Tutorials and Books
- JavaScript For Cats ( is a dead simply introduction for new programmers.
- MDN JavaScript Guide ( has the most standard and straightforward tutorials. If you need references, MDN is here for you
- You Don’t Know JS ( is the best book to learn JavaScript from. It’s free to read on GitHub.
- Eloquent JavaScript ( is another great introduction to programming and learning JavaScript.
- Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet ( helps you understand and learn all the new features in the language.
- JSBooks (, a collection of free JavaScript books.

Videos and Courses
- JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts ( an incredible course which teaches the concepts of the language. First 3 hours
are free on YouTube, you can but the whole course from Udemy (
- FunFunFunction ( makes the learning process enjoyable.
- Javascript30 (, 30 videos to level up your skills.
- Traversy Media ( great contents mostly aimed for begginers.

Learn by Doing
- FreeCodeCamp (, learn to code by building projects.
- CodeAcademy (, learn to code interactively.
- Codewars (, train with programming challenges.

Functional Programming
This where the true the good parts show theirselves.
- JSUnconf 2016 (, learn functional programming basics with this talk from Anjana Vakil.
- FunFunFunction ('s videos are a great start.
- Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming ( and Functional Light JS ( will make you master the functional programming.
- JavaScript Allongé (, programming from functions to classes.
- Functional Programming Jargon ( in simple terms.
- awesome-fp-js ( is a good reference for functional programming in JavaScript.

Other Resources
- Spellbook of Modern Web Dev ( is a big picture of modern JavaScript development.
- What the fuck JavaScript? (, list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples.

What’s next?
You can learn Node.js for backend, or go crazy with front-end frameworks, or even further, create mobile

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