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December 2017

— And yes I'm aware of returning a function, the alternative being wrapping it in your own


const compose = (...funcs) =>
initValue =>
funcs.reduce((value, func) => func(value), initValue);


— Yes

— Better

— Kek

— What are nomadic function ..., can someone help me with a simple explanation

— Yes // Nope // No

— Monadic*?

— A monadic function is simply a function that returns a monad :)

— Thank you for the correction .. Its a monad

— And u defined with the same name ... So still I haven't gotten iy

— A monad is a value / object / class instance (depending on language) that satisfies a few conditions:

Has a bind method (a callback that gets called with the encapsulated value)

A unit function exists, to encapsulate a value within a monad

Promises are JavaScript examples of monads, a value can be encapsulated (unit) with Promise.resolve(value), and promise objects have a bind method (.then())

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