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December 2017

— That is why my expectations for the first prototype are slated for 2027


I have been putting together the research plan and it's daunting, but also there are a lot of challenges to overcome that many have never tried to do yet; I am doing it because no one else has yet, at least in a way that brings it to a yet un-saturated market for cheap, fast, supercomputer-free AI and specialist systems the size of grapes that need only a few volts of electricity to operate just as good as an $8,000 general purpose system

— Whoever brings this to mass production scale first is going to be a billionaire

— Not just for AI, but all other electronic ventures, because the technology required to 3d print an AANN opens up a lot of other doors too. You would be able to 3d print entire devices.

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— Difference between web server and application server

— Application server responds to api calls, web server responds to network requests

— A network request can be an api call thus an application server is usually deployed with a web server

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— Given any link for explain in detail

— Https://

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— Web servers: apache2, nginx..

— App servers: php or NODE rest Apis..

— Some can be deployed by the web server (like php from apache) or others can be even the same, both at the same time (NODE http server with REST api)

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