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December 2017

— I am planning on 3d printing some in AANN form soon


At micro scale, a clean room is needed since dust can intersperse itself in the molten conductor and cause higher impedance, which for an AANN can affect how it operates

— So I bought a house with an unfinished basement to build a clean room in, will likely be around ISO 5 compliant

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— ANN = artaficial neural network
AANN = prefix the above with "analog"

— The fuck

— Is the analog one better .or

— Analog as in not digital; analog electric current

— Never knew that👍👍👍

— Digital version does math with functional units of a processor or some other special hardware, analog version does math with direct current electriciy, meaning each neuron simply raises or lowers voltage in some way

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— One is virtual (usually) while the other is physical

— So how does 3d takes various forms if datasets

— TensorFlow for example simulates a virtual tensor field, while an AANN would be a real life tensor field that behaves the same but operates on very different principles

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