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November 2017

— I mean, some of the utilities in there were only added to make some other utility possible to write


filter records a list of paths that pass the test, using paths to continually keep a list of all existing paths which it pulls from

— Then it finishes iteration of the subject object and switches to iteration of that path record, using it to construct the new object

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— I have this:

— store.componentConfig = Object.assign({}, node.dataset)

— But it does not work properly on Safari (ios9)

— Because fuck everything

— Does anyone knows a -decent- and -elegant- method to do the same thing?

— I bet Floofies knows :D


function clone(obj) {
return Object.keys(obj).reduce(function (result, key) {
result[key] = obj[key];
return result;
}, {});

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— Shallow clone

— Doesn't do this job