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November 2017

— I wrote all of them in a very large web app to start... A cooperative file manager like sharepoint, way better than Dropbox. I tried MVP, MVC, MVVM, and then Flux

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In Flux the data store/model is the "controller" and only patches state in response to hard coded actions

— It doesn't do anything except patch state, so the whole app is mostly free of complex logic

— It automaps to elements for you

— So in essence, after you define model and state, the app writes itself

— It wraps renderers in "compoments" which all carry a copy of state

— It is a kind of graph or network, with some having children, and top level glue components

— What font use?? 🤪

— Wow thanks

— Hello guys

— I am new here. are you active programmers in javascript?

— Yes