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November 2017

— The else is where the box is already loaded, but the data changed, so it is patching itself


Because you can load templates from live dom nodes, I just had it load itself as a template and replace itself

— removeAttrs: false is there so the attributes stay, allowing that patch to work

— So really... it is far superior to mustache in terms of functionality

— You can just continually patch the same nodes without worrying about the template syntax going away

— Yes, too many haha

— I like combining Flux with template engines

— Flux was for React components, but one can easily replace the component with their own that just uses a template engine under the hood

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— Flux is like MVVM

— But an easier to use kind, unidirectional data flow and immutable state

— It also uses state diffing to patch things

— Decides what to re render