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November 2017

— The tests for the lib are extensive :)


It is kind of funny because the lib can be used to run it's own tests... for instance it can diff objects that are returned against known correct data... I had it testing itself for awhile but decided to write simpler test-only versions of those algorithms so there was no dependency like that

— Just add some more. I spent 2 years building an algorithm cooperation framework so it's ready for a lot at once

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— You could chain together hundreds of algorithms if you wanted... I originally was going to use promises to do this but decided instead on a more manual chaining method with direct calls, for more flexibility

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— What like design?

— Entry method (gets run once at start) for filter, it runs the entry methods for clone and paths as an example:

entry: function (state) {
state.pendingPaths = [];

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— I am not very interested in web design but I have 12 years of experience in it

— I can do it in my sleep- so it is not exciting

— I can crap out whole web apps and sites in like 5 mins... while on the toilet, hahaha

— So it's just boring

— Same thing to me, but I have made a few windowing systems

— Dialog boxes etc