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November 2017

— AFAIK noscript, template, and un-typed script tags are all parsed into text nodes


Looking for kitchen sink algorithms to add to my lib. If anyone can think of any I'd love to hear.

There is already...
dfs, bfs search iterators, and strategies for them:
forEach, map, filter, find, some, every, diff, clone, diffClone, paths, nodePaths, diffPaths, findPath, findPaths, findShortestPath, deepSeal, and deepFreeze

— Clarify?

— Try using backticks

— Yes

— I am not sure what you mean though

— Hmm

— Well it's JSON, so what kind of tree

— You mean a node path?

— Like this?

— That one returns an array with all paths to all nodes/leafs

— Then findPath, findPaths, nodePaths, and diffPaths are similar