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November 2017

— Yea


In js, nope except some angularjs (at work) and some vanilla js too

PS: I write php

Note: To whom it may concern, we use PHP at work and I am bound

— I like js though, very much

— Port it to JS

— I have ported like 20K lines of PHP myself, multiple projects

— Even though JS doesn't really have a full class system, IMO it's better than the C-mockery that is PHP OOP...

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— So, I often find that after porting a project to JS, I really get the urge to abandon the PHP side since none of the improvements I made on the JS side will work in PHP

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— It's not hard to like any language over PHP

— My first programming language ever ;)

— Same, I'm glad I switched... Although I feel another switch coming on

— But I know not to what

— I have some requirements for my next language