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November 2017

— Like this


The appendChild(node) method, when invoked, must return the result of appending node to context object.

— And thus we have some janky return values sometimes... MDN had no information whatsoever on that until I added it

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— I had to read Webkit source code to find out what is happening lol

— appendChild literally just returns argument 1 without any sort of check, so the explanations of what it does are side effects of that

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— But since we have special DocumentFragment behavior... which actually is documented there in the spec, it doesn't really match up

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— That's about as informative as returns the result

— Nice stuff

— It is not an internal command

— Yea

— In js, nope except some angularjs (at work) and some vanilla js too

PS: I write php

Note: To whom it may concern, we use PHP at work and I am bound

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— I like js though, very much