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November 2017

— But duck-typing is really the best possible way


Then, you can just use Symbol.iterator which should behave the same always, it is a great abstraction for data structures

— If it has .map, it must work similar to an array-like structure

— Fair assumption

— I agree

— Plenty of libraries implement map, but not Symbol.iterator

— Since it's so new

— I do systems architecture, I write for programmers

— Maybe look into how to specify an iterable through the fantasy-land spec, and mimic those kinds of checks as well (if Symbol.iterator isn't present)

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— So they are the user in this case

— It's very cool because you can easily make a lot polymorphic with less code... template engine can process an Array of Nodes or a NodeList equally with the same loop, and no glue

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— Whereas, ofc, a NodeList doesn't have the brackets accessor, while an Array does... making them quite different when you try to write glue

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