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November 2017

— If you know C++, you know what those errors mean, but in JS you don't get anything nearly that helpful

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Without type checking you are reliant on some function in your code throwing a TypeError itself, which could be deep down in execution, several hundred calls into the stack... hard to debug

— With the asserts, one can find very easily that it is their fault

— With a lib/framework it just helps to reduce bored kids emailing me

— And it's always nice to have a unit test which specifically checks that

— Https://

— That checks for typeErrors when they are expected

— I am restricted by TDD and specs, which means I don't write buggy code anymore

— Nowadays I only have time to write something that works the first time

— I like your restrictions and user-friendly asserts

— Right, it's just for user experience really

— Duck-typing can be accidentally awesome though