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November 2017

— But to be fair that is one of the most basic parsers anyone could write. Critical thinking is all that is needed to write that kind of code, naming and formal definitions can kiss my ass tbh

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Wikipedia will try to tell you how complex it is... Jump straight into the math... Meanwhile CS professors complain in the talk pages that whoever jumps right into the math with no explanation doesn't know the subject well enough to explain it in layman terms

— So really, people are too often fooled into thinking this stuff is complicated at all

— And also, fooled into thinking shcool is a requirement because of that

— Yeah, most algos are definitely not too complicated for the average beginner

— You can simulate a flow network with basic arithmetic and an interval tree, but the 200 pages of math in most Wikipedia pages will not tell you this. It's like a closely guarded secret lol

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— That's a simple 2 level multidimensional array with some 2 + 2 type math

— Sup people

— Look what ive made
Dont get triggeronid

— I always do

— Never liked ASI as a concept, for consistency

— Extjs has free version?