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November 2017

— The matter of algorithm interoperability frameworks is a crazy one


Other than going into a crazy twilight zone of continuation monads, the most bare bones way is to let each one modify the same state object, which is nasty but effective

— "load order" would determine the behavior of some, that way

— Monads are great though

— Pure stateless state containers that prevent impure values from escaping

— Yes :) you can do great things in JS with them, more people should study them

— And it allows infinite algorithms to work together without mutable state

— All without needing glue code

— Continuation monads encapsulate control flow... hard to read sometimes but wow

— Very true

— Before I knew of many algorithms I was already writing them, just had to google the properties to find out the name

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— My LR parser... I had not studied LR parsing at all but somehow wrote one, then spent a week trying to figure out what it is called, lol

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