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November 2017

— Halp


How to pass data to my taskDetailShow function?

var box = $(document.createElement('div')).addClass('box box-solid');
box.on('click', taskDetailShow);

— I got it,

box.on('click', {the_data:the_data}, taskDetailShow);

— Btw guys, is it possible for send multiple data in JSON Ajax under one label ?

— In example, i send this

data : {'id': '1','2','3'},

i know this one 100% doesn't work, but atleast i think you can know what i mean with multiple data under one label is.

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— If it possible, how to?

— You can send an array

— Hmm?

— { id: [1,2,3,4] }

— Owh i see

— I got it

— Thanks marco