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November 2017

— I say it's alright, since it's not an ad for something paid.


Thanks, so here's something I'm working on right now - not a udemy or something like that, just a series on YouTube with code shared on GitHub.

The idea is to build a small course about online game development with JS (I know this is not always a best tool, still quite capable )

— Heh, I think most people in here would agree on it's capabilities

— Well, there's an opinion that "true" gamedev should use Unity as a last resort, but best stick with C++, even for servers. Garbage collection and such are mostly the arguments against VM based languages. But anyway - it is fun to do it with JS and besides small realtime apps can be used outside of "pure" gamedev.

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— I've been on LiveEdu, I kind of prefer to prepare the material instead of just doing it live. Besides, managing YouTube channel is easier.

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— Purpose, for now - growing the channel and accumulating more people with similar interests. Obviously I have long-running plans for monetisation, but on a later phase. Now not in a scope.

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— Got it working :)

— I decided to only use quotation mark delimited CSV format, even though there are lots without them

— I never knew there was not an official spec

— And I just realized... I could just do a split by \n and then

var rowString = "[" + csvRow + "]";
var rowArray = JSON.parse(rowString);

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— Https://

— Now the LR(1) parser... Uses that function internally, and then does some extra steps... It rips out the whole first row (the column head) and the first element of each row (row head)

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