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November 2017

— Strange behavior


Hey guys, is it OK to share here a link to some video tutorial series about JavaScript Game Development that I'm recording now? I want some constructive criticism but I don't want to be banned for ads :)

— PM me

— I say it's alright, since it's not an ad for something paid.

— Thanks, so here's something I'm working on right now - not a udemy or something like that, just a series on YouTube with code shared on GitHub.

The idea is to build a small course about online game development with JS (I know this is not always a best tool, still quite capable )

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— Heh, I think most people in here would agree on it's capabilities

— Well, there's an opinion that "true" gamedev should use Unity as a last resort, but best stick with C++, even for servers. Garbage collection and such are mostly the arguments against VM based languages. But anyway - it is fun to do it with JS and besides small realtime apps can be used outside of "pure" gamedev.

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— I've been on LiveEdu, I kind of prefer to prepare the material instead of just doing it live. Besides, managing YouTube channel is easier.

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— Purpose, for now - growing the channel and accumulating more people with similar interests. Obviously I have long-running plans for monetisation, but on a later phase. Now not in a scope.

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— Got it working :)

— I decided to only use quotation mark delimited CSV format, even though there are lots without them

— I never knew there was not an official spec